The PIONEER PROCESS – The training program for starting a Master’s Commission ®

pi • o • neer [pahy-uh-neer] Noun. A Latin word that means “a member of an infantry group preparing roads or terrain for the main body of troops. ”Or, “a person who is among the first to research and develop a new area of knowledge or activity.” Verb. Meaning, “develop or be the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.” Synonyms 4. Lay the groundwork, spearhead, trailblazer, and explorer

Starting a Master’s Commission ® (MC) is not a simple undertaking. From the beginning of Master’s Commission ®, 30 years ago, we have worked with many different churches in many denominations.  Throughout the years, we have found what truly determines the success of a Master’s Commission ® at a church. It is when the Lead Pastor, Elders & MC Director have a collective heart and vision for this ministry. When these three are in agreement with the MC vision, the potential for lasting impact is great. 

We have tracked the progress of MC programs and have found that 75% of churches that start a Master’s Commission without laying the proper groundwork will shut down within 2 to 3 years. The programs with the most success have a pastor and director who catch the vision and seek out relationships with experienced MC leaders to learn the programs potential and pitfalls.

Our ability to partner with you is determined by the relationship that your church decides to build with the Pioneer Division of MCIN. Our hearts intention is to exemplify what MC is and coach you through the process while you are beginning and establishing your program.



The PIONEER PROCESS exists to train, mentor, coach and then qualifies beginning Director/Programs. The PIONEER PROCESS fulfills MCIN’s purpose to preserve the integrity and purity of heart with which this intense discipleship program was created. It is the official process that must be successfully completed in order to start a Master’s Commission. Successful completion of the PIONEER PROCESS qualifies your church’s Master’s Commission to apply to become an Affiliate of the Master’s Commission International Network, Inc.



> Churches who are looking to start a Master’s Commission.

> MC Alumni called to lead a Discipleship Ministry – (MC Alumni MUST have successfully completed at least 2 years of MC @ an MCIN Affiliated Program)

> Churches that previously had a MC program that became dormant and want to reopen.

> Discipleship programs that would like to become a Master’s Commission Affiliate of MCIN

> Current programs wanting to complete the process to have the Official & Legal right to use the name Master’s Commission ®



very important information

regarding your involvement in the PIONEER PROCESS


What do I do now?

As stated before, we must receive a signed copy (signed by MC Director & Lead / Senior Pastor) of the Statement of Understanding and your Pioneer Deposit no later than May 15. All funds go to Master’s Commission International Network.


The main mentoring components of the Pioneer Process will be:


  • Monthly Conference Call / Webinars *



You will join other MC Directors on the same level of the PIONEER PROCESS each month. The call / webinar will be hosted by MCIN with a variety of instructors:  Lead Pastors, Christian Leaders, MCIN Executive Staff and other guests. These times are powerful and interactive! Pastor Lloyd will be on every call discussing directly with you his experiences & his passionate heart for discipleship. Depending upon their availability Pastor Lloyd may also invite one of his longtime friends in the ministry to join us on the line to share on a specific discipleship topic. Each month we will also be available for a time of Q & A on the monthly topic. You will receive the conference call schedule for the entire year by our first call together, so you can plan your year out. Each month you will also receive the outline (fill in the blanks) for the specific monthly topic. We recommend that you find a quiet place to concentrate on the teaching, and to take notes. Please plan on being on these monthly calls for 2 hours. Roll call will be taken at the beginning & at the end of each call. We know & understand that everyone is extremely busy, but in order for us to endorse you as a Certified Director of MCIN, you MUST be on at least 9 of the 11 calls a year (2 excused absences a year). This is a great investment for most churches to invest into you. So, if you miss more than 2 sessions then we will be obligated to inform the host church (Lead / Senior Pastor) that you have missed the required training and that you will be charged the annual PIONEER PROCESS fee & you will be required to restart the PIONEER PROCESS the following year (the PROCESS begins in July each year).



  • MCIN Certified Director Exams *

Every PIONEER PROCESS Director MUST pass a Mid-Term Exam & Final Exam given via our Bible College (WCBCS) website. The test given will cover all materials presented from our monthly training sessions.



  • Attend MCIN Directors / Leadership Summit & MCIN Discipleship Conference

Directors / Leadership Summit * – Each year the PIONEER PROCESS will begin at our annual Summit. The Summit is a two-day training / retreat that is a great chance for you to meet other Directors on the PIONEER PROCESS journey as well as other MCIN veteran Directors. You will obviously be responsible for your own travel arrangements. Flights to our Summit cities are very reasonable if you purchase them well in advance. When you arrive we will provide you with three meals a day and basic transportation while you are at Summit.


There are several accommodation options available: (depending on the host venue we can only accommodate housing arrangements for the PIONEER PROCESS Director & spouse. Please check with the MCIN office regarding accommodations for your Leadership Team)

  • If you are on a budget, we will have MC housing that will be available to PIONEER PROCESS members on a first-come-first-serve basis. This housing option will be available the entire day before the Summit through the day after. You will need to book a hotel for any “extra” days beyond that. For example, if you choose to stay over an extra night in order to observe the host church / MC, that one night would need to be spend in a hotel.
  • If you would like to share a reasonably priced hotel room with another PIONEER PROCESS member, let us know and we will recommend a hotel and try to match you up with another PIONEER PROCESS member of the same gender. This will allow you to split the cost of the room.
  • And of course you are welcome to get a hotel room on your own. As the date approaches, we will send you the name, address and phone number of one nearby.


MCIN Discipleship Conference – One of the highlights of any Master’s Commission is at our annual International Discipleship Conference. We literally have MC Programs, Pastors, & students come from all over the world to be a part of our conference! You will experience worship ‘MC Style’, AMAZING & life challenging speakers, incredibly relevant breakout sessions, unlimited resources, etc. The Discipleship Conference is a GREAT place to see the heart & passion of this unique worldwide discipleship movement! Although conference is NOT a required element of the PIONEER PROCESS, it is definitely one that you DO NOT want to miss!



  • Personal discipleship ministry consultation with Pastor Lloyd & MCIN Executive Leadership via e-mail


You will be given a VERY CONFIDENTIAL e-mail address for our leaders that we will insist that only you use.



  • Access to MCIN Executive Leadership & MCIN Staff via scheduled phone consultations


We will gladly schedule personal conference call consultations with you, your Lead / Senior Pastor, Board Members, Elders, etc. These calls are specific in relation to effectively launching / establishing Master’s Commission at your church.



  • The creation of a covenant friendship group within the PIONEER PROCESS


This group will consist of approximately 5 – 6 other participants and yourself. It is our prayer that these other PIONEER PROCESS participants become lifelong friends and an incredible support to you in your discipleship ministry journey.



  • Participate in an MCIN “On-Site” Assessment of your church and MC program *


This is one of the final elements of the PIONEER PROCESS. Before the Director can be considered for Certification or the program can be eligible for Affiliation this assessment must be completed. The Pioneer Director / Program is responsible to bring the MCIN Executive Leadership representative in for this assessment.



  • Some meaningful surprises along the journey…


We love to take care of you, so let us “spoil you” a little! Now all you need to do is just wait to learn what we are talking about. We want to make this process a time you will not forget!


* These elements are REQUIRED for the completion of the MCIN PIONEER PROCESS (process time 24 months) At the completion of the PIONEER PROCESS the Director will be recognized an MCIN Certified Director & the program will then be eligible to become a MCIN Affiliated Program.


When does the PIONEER PROCESS begin?

Your PIONEER PROCESS will begin at our annual Directors / Leadership Summit each year. The date for this year’s Summit is on the MCIN main page. For more information, please contact the MCIN office.


Does the PIONEER PROCESS include my spouse or other co-leader?

MCIN models our ministry as a family! Although our vision is to keep each PIONEER PROCESS group to less than 40 we always welcome spouses to be involved in the PIONEER PROCESS. So spouses are welcomed to be involved in the entire PIONEER PROCESS. Unfortunately, that does not include co-leaders. We DO welcome your leadership to launch the PIONEER PROCESS with you at our annual Director / Leadership Summit, but the PIONEER PROCESS calls & training are designed SPECIFICALLY for the Director responsible for the Master’s Commission program!


When will the conference calls and e-mail consultation begin?

The conference calls will begin in August. We will contact you via e-mail regarding specifics immediately after we receive your signed “Statement of Understanding” and payment.


What if I get started with the PIONEER PROCESS and decide I do not want to do it, or that it is not worth the financial contribution to MCIN?

That is where your integrity comes in, my friend. MCIN goes through an extensive application process before we get to this point in the process, and we have to turn down / delay the start of other fine churches / individuals because we desire to keep these mentoring groups small and personal. Thus, we need you to understand that this is your financial commitment for the year…whether you decide the PIONEER PROCESS is for you or not.


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