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Where it all began

Master’s Commission was born in the heart of Larry Kerychuk as a place where people of all walks of life could come, grow in their relationship with Christ, and lay a biblical foundation. Upon that foundation a lifetime of service to God could be built and lived out. Pastor Kerychuk, with Pastor Carmen Balsamo as director, began the Master’s Commission program in 1984 in Phoenix, Arizona. Trainees pledged one year of their lives to scripture memory, the study of the word, and ministry. After Pastor Balsamo death, Rev. Lloyd Zeigler was appointed director.

God poured his blessing on Master’s Commission and gave opportunity for multiplication in churches across the country and around the world. As the program spread from church to church, the need arose for a network to be established to preserve the integrity and purity of heart with which this discipleship training program was created. In 1999, a group of Master’s Commission directors from across the nation held a meeting at the annual Master’s Commission Discipleship Conference and formed the Master’s Commission International Network. MCIN is an affiliation of Master’s Commission programs who share the same heart and desire for character, integrity, and discipleship.



The collective vision of Master’s Commission is to know God and make Him known. This vision takes unique shape in each of our individual programs. As a network of Master’s Commissions our vision is to see Jesus’ model of discipleship spread throughout the globe. In short, we want to see discipleship worldwide. MCIN exists to provide support to leaders, accountability for programs, and connectivity to individuals and churches.


We make it happen

Lloyd (Small)

Lloyd Zeigler

Founder and CEO of MCIN
Derrek (Small)

Derrek Sullivan

President of MCIN

Kristi Morris

MCIN Program Relations Director




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